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Mountain Olive Oil

(Palestinian mountain olive oil virgin and first toast) * Volume 16 liters gross weight / 15 kg net

Pressed green mountain olives

Pressed green mountain olives Small size text, weighing 5 kg

100% natural wild mountain thyme

Cras mattis ex mauris, vel molestie libero.

Welcome to Nassar Hassoun organic olive oil store

, we are passionate about delivering the finest and most exquisite olive oil products to our customers. As a company deeply rooted in the Mediterranean tradition, we have mastered the art of producing premium-quality olive oil through generations of expertise and dedication.

Our products are 100% natural, and this is what distinguishes us. Our products do not have any preservatives The olive oil is squeezed from mountain trees with attics irrigated with rain water. No chemical fertilizers were added to the soil, and the olive trees were not sprayed with any pesticides. The correct methods of harvesting, squeezing and storage are always observed to ensure that they reach the customer fresh and 100% natural.

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